First step in my journey to become a freelance writer!

About this site.

This blog is not intended to be a “how to” on becoming a freelance writer. It is simply, MY journey, on the road to freedom from the daily grind. However, My hope is that through blogging my trials and errors, I can function as a guide for others who would be brave enough to take the same steps towards leaving their mundane and restrictive jobs behind.

Basically, it comes down to me helping other aspiring writers while helping myself. I plan to do that simply by documenting everything I can. If i read a book on freelance writing, I’ll review it. Articles I’ve read, other blogs, Websites? Of Coarse! I’ll review or post links of anything that may be helpful.

Finally, I plan to try whatever I can to make this work. I want to write. I want to freelance. I don’t want to continue working for others. I want to be my own boss! With that being said, I am go to document whatever I try, writing for whoever. I am willing to try content mills just to add a few dollars to my pocket and let everyone know which ones worked out and which ones don’t!

What it comes down to is this, if i try it or read it, I’ll let you know if it was worth my time and yours. I am willing to use my time so you don’t have to waste yours!

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