It’s important to have goals.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately. Anything and everything I can find pertaining to freelancing, blogging, and writing for a living. One point I see mentioned in just about every article I have read is this, set goals!

You need to not just have a plan of action, but goals to work towards. Having a goal and reaching that mark is what is going to inspire you to keep working so diligently. Your goals are what will carry you through the tough times and feelings of doubt. If you really want something, tell everyone! Put yourself out there for the world to see!

So that is what I’m doing. This blog is all about telling everyone, I want to be a freelance writer and help others like myself along the way.

That is good and all, but what about something a little more detailed? Alright, no problem! I currently work a full-time job and work on my writing career whenever I get the chance. My current goal is to be writing full-time for a living by the time I’m 35. My age now? Thirty Three… I turn 34 this March. So, I have just over a year to accomplish this.

Let me break this down a little further. I make close to 40k a year, not a lot, but cost of living is cheap in the middle of nowhere Iowa. This amount is comfortable to me and if I can maintain that through freelance writing, all the better!

Here is the math when I break it down, roughly.

40,000 a year / 52 weeks in a year = 769.23 a week

769.23 a week / 35 hours a week = $22 an hour, roughly

The 40k is yearly gross. Taxes and health insurance will have to come out of that so yearly net will be less. All of this is just what I need to hit in order to escape from the daily grind. If I can hit those numbers consistently, I get to quit my job and freelance full-time! Now this doesn’t mean I don’t want to make more or work fewer hours, but it is the benchmark that I have set that tells me I have finally achieved the freedom I desire.

Once I have reached that target,  I will aim to work less or make more to continue to grow and challenge myself. The whole point is, I know what I need to achieve financially to write full time. While, adding the deadline of roughly a year from now will help motivate me to keep chugging along.

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